Q and A: A Sign-up box for WordPress and Mailchimp


An attendee from WordCamp Gold Coast who watched my talk wanted some advice on how best to do the Sign-up for a Mailchimp mailing list from A WordPress website.

Do you recommend using a MailChimp plugin, or using a separate online form. As I’ve not MailChimp before I need some advice from an expert.


Thank you for the nice expert comment :).

Firstly, is it WordPress.com or full WordPress (WordPress.org)?

  • If WordPress.com then I would recommend a simple link to the MailChimp sign-up form or use a Wufoo form (but see the issue with using Wufoo forms and MailChimp that I blogged about previously).
  • If it’s full WordPress then you have a number of options. There is a MailChimp signup Widget that you can add to the Sidebar, or you can do a simple link to a MailChimp signup form or a more customised form on your site.



Let me know in the comments if this suggestion was useful to you also.